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To care for our well beloved pets and animals, there are also veterinary otoscopes available in the market. Yeast, bacteria and foreign objects like foxtails or burrs in your pet`s ears may irritate your pets. If these harmful things are in your pets' ears for a long time, this will eventually lead to infection. 


  Unlike the ordinary otoscope, a veterinary otoscope comes usually with two or three cones so you can adjust and get a pinpoint or a large view. For safety and hygienic purposes, you may use either an autoclavable or reusable ear specula that comes in different sizes. Choose a professional vet otoscope that has bayonet locking otoscope head and a removable 4x magnifying lens for hassle free use.


  If you are looking for a more sophisticated gadget, there is also a digital veterinary otoscope available in the market today. With this state of the art equipment you can store digital images in patient records for superior documentation of exam findings. You can also share images and findings with other providers as visual reference.


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